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Specialist programs

Every student has special abilities and individual needs.

To make sure every student at Albert Park College is challenged our Inspire program features a large range of enrichment and extension activities.

The Inspire program is conducted in classrooms before, during and after school and it plays a vital role in completing a full and satisfying education.

We are fortunate to have secured a number of unique opportunities for our students to help us deliver a rich and engaging program.

The Australian National Academy of Music nurtures the nation’s future classical music stars and makes its brilliant students available to us as specialist music teachers.

We are close to one of Melbourne’s safest beaches and have formed an alliance with Surf Life Saving Victoria to register all students as members and jointly run a 10 week first term program.

Our students will brave the waves at Royal Melbourne Yacht Club, learning to sail and respect the seas with the expert coaching of yacht club staff.

Gasworks Park’s artists will be welcomed into our school and we are working together on an accelerated arts program, an artist-in-residence, and major exhibitions.

Andrew Gaze, one of our alumni, has established a major basketball academy at the school providing an intensive stream of training, coaching, and career advice for talented players.

All of these enrichment programs are designed to allow students to delve deeply into areas of passion.