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Senior Years

Senior Years (Years 10-12)

Albert Park College offers a three-year Senior Years program, providing students with the opportunity to begin their senior year studies in Year 10.

The three year Senior Years program is based around a desire for students to undertake an in depth study of their chosen curriculum area. This commitment increases student’s depth of knowledge and gives them an opportunity to flourish in their area of interest. In Year 10, students are encouraged to undertake a VCE study, giving them a valuable insight into the VCE process.

Albert Park College has a wide range of VCE and VET subjects offered in partnership with the Inner Melbourne VET Cluster (IMVC), and is an authorized IB World School. This allows students choice about their subject selection in their final years of schooling.

Albert Park College is proud to be able to offer a Senior Years program that will challenge and inspire our students.

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