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How it all began

How it all began

Not many schools get to start from scratch but that is exactly what Albert Park College did in 2010.

On day one, Foundation Principal Steven Cook arrived at a building devoid of furniture, staff, students and even a name, and began to construct a school.

“We had an incredible opportunity to start with a blank canvas. The task was momentous. We had a chance to create a school that was an exemplar of education, we understood how privileged we were.”

The values Lead, Create, Inspire were born and this motto underpins the inspiration and actions of every one in the College's learning community.

The College's logo and choice of three colours reflect its philosophy. Yellow symbolising bold creativity, grey symbolising foundation and strength, and blue showing the human element in education.

These colours also represent Albert Park College's unique location between the city and the sea.

Next, the challenge was to design a learning area that reflected the 21st century learning style of Albert Park College.

The brief was to create the feeling of an art studio throughout the buildings to inspire the students to creative endeavour.

The Learning Hubs were furnished with bold colours, wood finishes, open spaces and ergonomic designs to create a mature and sophisticated learning environment.

Armed with a vision, a mission and an identity, the next step was to create the soul of the College and so began the effort to recruit 25 members of staff.

“We got really lucky here. The location of the school, the temptation of new facilities and what we were trying to achieve attracted a high number of exceptional applicants.”

Staff then began work developing a new innovative online curriculum suited to the teaching style and philosophy of Albert Park College.

The drive towards technology was an important factor in the development of Albert Park College.

Aware of the rushing pace of technology, and the critical role it will play in the lives of its students, the school committed to developing an integrated guaranteed online curriculum that would underpin every aspect of school life.

“Technology is increasingly pervasive in our lives, and also in education. Students at Albert Park College know how to use an incredible array of applications, can intrinsically learn new software and are confident when using technology.”

Since the College began with the first Year 7s in 2011, every subsequent year level has been filled to capacity.

“It is such a thrill to see people benefitting from our hard work. The school is something we believe in. We have invested our heart, soul and 30 years of education experience. It is nice to see the College getting the support and recognition it deserves.”

We believe
in the College
and have invested our
heart, soul and 30 years
of education experience.