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83 Danks Street, Albert Park, 3206
P: 8695 9000
F: 8695 9099

40 Bay Street, Port Melbourne, 3207
P: 8695 9040

E: albert.park.co@edumail.vic.gov.au

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Tania Scaramozzino
P: 03 8695 9000

School Council President: Mark Sheppard


Getting here

Albert Park College is well serviced by public transport providing links to surrounding suburbs and the Melbourne city centre.

The Route 1 tram runs from St Kilda Road to The Shrine and then through South Melbourne and Middle Park to Albert Park. The tram stop is 130m from the Danks Street.

The light rail Route 109 runs from Spencer Street to Garden City and stops 1.5km from Danks Street.
Route 250, Route 251, and Route 253 buses run along City Road and stop on Bay Street, 700m from Danks Street.

The Route 606 bus runs along Richardson Street, 250m from Danks Street.